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At the Encore Music Studios we encourage all of our students to develop their musical abilities to their fullest potential. The nourishing environment of the mother tongue method (made known by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki) is an important guiding concept for our teachers and families. We strive to create a caring musical community where each individual can grow both musically and as a person.

We offer lessons in Suzuki violin, viola, and piano, as well as singing and orchestra.

We try to group students of similar age and repertoire level together in order to create master class settings. Each child has their individual lesson, but is also welcome to observe the other(s) that come before or after them. In this manner, we find that students progress much more rapidly.

As an integral part of our individual instrumental lesson program, we include group lessons during the school year. In these lessons we focus on ensemble playing, theory and listening skills, reinforcing solid techniques with review and simply giving the young musicians a chance to enjoy themselves with friends who do the same thing as they do.

Regular concerts keep musical performance at its best. In recognition of this, we strive to schedule concerts several times during the year. Locales could be community oriented (performing in a senior residence, hospital or for fundraising events), intimate (such as a solo recital) or formal ( mid or year-end concerts).

We believe, just as Shinichi Suzuki did, that every child can learn music, as well as any human, for that matter, be they young or old. Music is a universal language and the effects of learning it are far-reaching in life.

Families and people of all ages are welcome.


Ruth Boisvert-Blair

Piano and singing teacher

Peter Blair

Peter Blair

Violin and viola teacher, orchestra conductor