Large ensembles can typically be broken down into one of three broad categories: Band, String Orchestra or Symphonic Orchestra.  Band is normally played without strings, thus leaving you the brass, woodwind and percussion sections.  String Orchestras go in a complete opposite direction from the band, having just the string family instruments.  A Symphonic Orchestra unites these varied musical clans as one under the direction of a conductor for the purpose of creating a musical tapestry which interprets the vision of a composer.

The Musique Encore Music orchestras are both string orchestras, but we’ve often had other musicians join us, such as harpists, pianists, flutists, and percussionists.

The orchestra is where things all come together for classically trained musicians.  If you look at music like art, each instrument brings one colour in an assortment of shades to the palette.  The orchestra is where all of these colours come together to make a stunning piece of art.  The violins bring their shades of blue, violas their varying shades of purple, cellos with their greens and bases with their dark browns.


Bernstein’s Mambo from West Side Story played by the Berliner Philharmoniker, Ingo Metzmacher conductor – click here

Copeland’s Hoedown from Rodeo performed by the Philadelphia Virtuosi, Daniel Spalding conductor – click here

Saint-Saëns’ Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals – click here