Singing Lessons


You can sing anywhere! Our voice comes with us always and is an infinitely expressive instrument. When singing a song, words add even more meaning to the music that we are sharing with the world around us. The sounds we make with our voices are as unique as we are as humans.

The basics for good singing are the same no matter what style you are hoping to sing: Classical, Opera, Broadway, Folk, Jazz, or your own personal way. Lessons help to you to find that good foundation and then blossom and grow into the singer that you can and want to be, be it for yourself or for others.


Gospel, Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water performed by Witney Houston and Cece Winans – click here

Opera, Habañera from Carmen by Bizet, performed by Elina Garanca – click here

Folk, Wild Mountain Thyme performed by Ed Sheehan – click here